Developing Business in China
2007; 82 minutes

Kung Fu in the Boardroom flies you on a first class trip and unlocks the secrets to successfully doing business in China. An American small-business permitted our film crew to follow them on their three-city (Beijing, Qingdao, and Dongguan) trade mission. It is an all access pass to the SINO Consumer Electronics Show, corporate headquarter tours of Haier and Hisense, meetings with Chinese government agencies, factory tours, and sightseeing. The film includes interviews with the U.S. Department of Commerce, presidents of small businesses, financial consultants, The Robert H. Smith School of Business and Chinese government officials and business leaders. The art of doing of business in China is dependent on relationship building, finding trustworthy partners, intellectual property rights protection, the environment, and cultural understanding.
Lady Titans: A Title IX Victory
2006; 35 minutes | Telly Bronze Award

On the waters of the Potomac River in the shadows of our nation's capitol, coach Dee Campbell has been molding young women into champions of rowing and life with a mix of discipline and heart. Lady Titans places the spotlight on the T.C. Williams High School women's crew team and the lifelong bonds that are forged with their coach. Our cameras received unprecedented access to the students both inside the Alexandria, Virginia high school and on the river. The program captures the tenacity and grit of these young women and the dedication, teamwork, and passion needed to succeed in rowing. The film, hosted and narrated by Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes, raises awareness about the monumental strides made by Title IX - the 1972 law that prohibits sexual discrimination in any educational program or activity within federally funded institutions. In 1974, T.C. Williams High School led the charge by fully supporting women's crew. Coach Dee Campbell founded the program and dedicated his life to instilling the passion of rowing to two generations of women.
Lady Titans Website
ATCB in China
2006; 5 minutes

An over-the-top, humorous branding film for AmericanTCB to showcase their commitment to being a leader in their industry. The film streams on their website as well as screen at industry events.
2005; 5 minutes

A recruiting film for the T.C. Williams High School Crew Boosters to promote rowing and encourage middle school and high school students to join the crew team.
Love Engineering
2005; 1 minute podcast

A humorous public service announcement to celebrate engineers as world innovators, taking the lead in solving the technical and engineering challenges to make the Earth a sustainable and healthy environment for its inhabitants, "Love Engineering!"
Messenger From Russia
2002; 13 minutes | Cine Golden Eagle, Aurora Gold Award, Chris Award

Valery Ponomarev has been one of the premiere jazz trumpet players in New York City for over thirty years. You can find him performing at Birdland in Manhattan, Blues Alley in the nation's capitol or even the prestigious Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. His trumpet solos capture the essence of bebop. On the bandstand, he's either sharing stories of performing with the legendary Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, witting audiences into laughter, or promoting his critically acclaimed recordings. His charisma shines through. Jazz musicians know who Ponomarev is. Why doesn't the general public? Valery Ponomarev is from Russia. How did he break the shackles of communism? How did he learn to play jazz trumpet behind the Iron Curtain? Valery Ponomarev's living story is profoundly dramatic and extremely inspirational. And his message is so simple, pure and often taken for granted-freedom of expression. In Mr. Ponomarev's case, freedom to play jazz. Messenger From Russia received a national broadcast on National Geographic Today in March 2002 and again in 2003 as part of the news program's New York Stories.
Rowing the Patriot Way
2001; 7 minutes | Telly Bronze Award

A recruiting film for the George Mason University Men's Crew Club promoting rowing at the university and highlighting the crew program. The film includes an interview with the head coach Robert Spousta and testimonials from the crew team and alumni.